Trade for All: The case of e-commerce and inclusive trade

This panel discussion seeks to explore the pivotal role that civil society organizations and the business sector can assume in facilitating the integration of diverse demographics, with a specific focus on women, indigenous communities, and youth, into international trade. The central theme of this session revolves around the examination of how the adoption of e-commerce can act as a catalyst for inclusive practices, providing individuals with the opportunity to benefit from the global trade landscape from within their local communities.

The panel will discuss the opportunities e-commerce offers to those who have historically encountered obstacles to participating in international trade. Furthermore, the debate will focus on how a WTO e-commerce agreement can be wielded as a tool for economic inclusion and development, while addressing the challenges intertwined with e-commerce, notably the digital divide, and explore actionable strategies to bridge this gap. 

The panel seeks to underscore the importance of fostering effective collaboration between governments, businesses, and civil society, to help in dismantling barriers to inclusive trade.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Room C
Event Theme
3. Development and Inclusion in Trade: What would a fairer system look like?
Bernard KUITEN Josie Morris Luc Triangle Tania Te Whenua H.E. Mariin Ratnik