Session 08: Promoting inclusiveness in e-commerce negotiations through capacity building
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM
Kiiza Africa Marilia Maciel Jacob Ninan Quan Zhao Yasmin Ismail

E-commerce is key not only to mitigating the economic slowdown, but also for speeding up economic recovery. There are growing concerns that the pandemic has raised the risk of digital inequalities. This enhances the importance of the involvement of developing and least developed countries (LDCs) in trade discussions and negotiations, reinforcing development-oriented priorities. Nevertheless, recent research on the architecture of e-commerce governance shows that the e-commerce regime network is highly concentrated. Even when developing countries are part of e-commerce negotiations, such as in the context of the WTO Joint Statement Initiative (JSI) on e-commerce, they contribute less with text proposals than their developed counterparts. Against this backdrop, this session will discuss the ways to enhance inclusiveness in e-commerce trade negotiations.

Time Zone
Central European Time (CET)
Virtual Session Link
DiploFoundation / International Trade Centre (ITC) / CUTS International, Geneva